During the last Foresight Intelligent Cooperation Workshop I got very curious about what collective intelligence tools currently exist. A list:

  • Pol.is: "Input Crowd, Output Meaning"
  • Collective Intelligence Project
  • AI Objectives Institute
    • Talk to the City: "an open-source LLM interface for improving collective deliberation and decision-making by analyzing detailed, qualitative data. It aggregates responses and arranges similar arguments into clusters."
    • AI Objectives Institute works closely with the Taiwanese government.
    • Other projects in development.
    • People: Colleen McKenzie, Değer Turan, et al.
  • Meaning Alignment Institute
    • vibe: democratic AI, kinda. 
    • I think they think that if you can help individuals make wiser decisions, at scale, then this converges to be equivalent with solving outer alignment.
  • Remesh
    • Similar to pol.is AFAIK? I haven't played with it.
    • People: Andrew Konya, et al.
  • Loomio: "a flexible decision-making tool that helps you create a more engaged and collaborative culture, build trust and coordinate action"
  • Deliberative Technology for Alignment paper
    • They also discuss other tools for this use like Discord, Snapshot, Dembrane
    • People: Andrew Konya, Deger Turan, Aviv Ovadya, Lina Qui, Daanish Masood, Flynn Devine, Lisa Schirch, Isabella Roberts, and Deliberative Alignment Forum
    • Someone in the know told me to only read sections 4 and 5 of this paper
  • Plurality Institute
    • People: David Bloomin, Rose Bloomin, et al.
    • Also working on some de-escalator bots for essentially Reddit comment wars
  • Lots of crypto projects
    • Quadratic voting
    • Gitcoin
    • Metagov: “a laboratory for digital governance”
    • Soulbound tokens
    • Various voting and aggregation systems, liquid democracy
  • Decidem
  • Decide Madrid
  • Consider.it
  • Stanford Online Deliberation Platform
  • Lightcone Chord (in development)
  • All of the prediction markets
    • Manifold, Kalshi, Metaculus, PredictIt, etc.
  • Midjourney has a Collective Intelligence Team now according to Ivan Vendrov’s website. I couldn’t find any other information online.

What about small group collective intelligence tools?

Most of the examples above are for large group collective intelligence (which I’m defining as ~300 people or much larger). But what about small groups? Are there tools that will help me coordinate with 30 friends? Or just one friend? I’m mostly unaware of any recent innovations for small group collective intelligence tools. Do you know of any?

  • Nexae (in development)
    • “Nexae Systems builds sociotechnical infrastructure to enable the creation of new types of businesses and organizations.” 
  • double crux bot
  • Liberating Structures looks list of exercises for small groups to try to enhance Collective Intelligence (no modern technology required)
  • I’m surprised I haven’t heard of many other LLM-facilitated communication tools

Medium group (~30-300 people) projects: 

Other lists


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Surprised you haven't heard about any facilitated communication tools. 

forgot about that one! ty

Know of any I should add?


I do feel a bit awkward about it as I'm very much involved in both projects, but these two otherwise? 

The Collective Intelligence Company: https://thecollectiveintelligence.company/company

Flowback/Digital Democracy World: https://digitaldemocracy.world/

Also a paper for Predictive Liquid Democracy which is a part of both projects: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/377557844_Predictive_Liquid_Democracy

I do feel a bit awkward about it as I'm very much involved in both projects, but these two otherwise? 

I don't see this as a reason for awkwardness

The Collective Intelligence Company: https://thecollectiveintelligence.company/company

The link worked yesterday but it's not working now?

Eh, it's like self-plugging or something.

It should work again now, we're gonna switch names soon so we just had some technical difficulties around that