Biases and Fallacies Game Cards

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On the Stupid Questions Thread I asked

I need some list of biases for a game of Biased Pandemic for our Meet-Up. Do suitably prepared/formatted lists exist somewhere?

But none came forward.

Therefore I created a simple deck based on Wikipedia entries. I selected those that can be presumably be used easily in a game, summarized the description and added an illustrative quote.

The deck can be found in Dropbox here (PDF and ODT).

I'd be happy for corrections and further suggestions.

ADDED: We used these cards during the LW Hamburg Meetup. They attracted significant interest and even though we did use them during a board game we drew them and tried to act them out during a discussion round (which didn't work out that well but stimulated discussion nonetheless).

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This is fantastic and each entry is in good format to be converted to SRS (eg, Anki) cards, either backwards or forwards.

Please note that the list is not complete. I only chose only about half of the wikipedia entries - the most important ones and those playable. In particular I left out most of the memory biases as these can't be simulated. Also those thay look too far back into history e.g. childhoodamnesia. I even took the freedom to merge some entries.

Has a full list for other purposes. Hoping to find a way to decide which biases could be worked on first, based on which are most-damaging in normal use, and how often are they used.