EDIT:  We are not at the VLSB, we are at the Free Speech Cafe.

After this month's hiatus in Berkeley Meetups, I'm quite sure that people are itching to get together with their fellow LWers.  As usual, we'll meet at the Starbucks at 2128 Oxford Street at 7 pm, then move into the atrium in the Valley Life Sciences Building on the Berkeley Campus.  There'll be an expedition to get food, so don't feel that you have to eat before hand.

I want to make a special plea to the lurkers on lesswrong to come, I promise no one will think poorly of you if you're still in High School, aren't a member of Mensa, or haven't read the sequences.  This is a social event where we get together with people who like rationality, not a way for the shadowy cabal of beisutsukai to puzzle out the secret of quantum gravity.  Even if you only just linked here from Methods of Rationality, I and everyone else here wants to get to know you.

Hope to see you all there!

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Hello, lw! I'm officially delurking to confirm that I am going to be there.

Is it considered reasonable to create events on Facebook for these things? Is there already a facebook event that I can join? [I am using FB as my main calendar, and so putting stuff on it makes it easier for me to attend.]

You can see the (just created) facebook event here.

Thank you muchly!

I plan to be there!


Great meet-up! I left "early", but presumably great conversation went on well into the night. I look forward to the next one!

Publicly committing to attending to compensate for my natural tendency to forget.

I shall be there. And convenient timing, too; I needed to hit the University library anyway to get supplies for my Super Bowl Sunday tradition of reading something by Evelyn Fox Keller.

Do you have other similarly awesome traditions?

Seconding Lucas's comments with regard to coming if you're still in high school, aren't a member of Mensa, and haven't read the sequences.

Crap - where is this free speech cafe? I'm wandering around life sciences atm


Main library


I will probably be there, and then!

All right. I've never been to one of these before, but I'm in. I'm coming from Mountain View, so any tips about transportation? If I drive (seems likely), how's the parking situation?

I plan to go, and I'm also going from Mountain View. Looks like you're not going, but does anyone else from Mountain View want to carpool?

I'm going from San Mateo. If you can find nothing better, get in touch with me at moshez@divmod.com, and you can drive up to my place, park nearby, and carpool with me. I do have a hard stop at 10:30.

Parking near downtown Berkeley isn't usually too hard to find, but you'll probably have to pay for metered parking unless you want to walk several blocks. The Starbucks in question is right next to campus, so free spaces are definitely at a premium.

ETA: Looks like the meters stop running at 6 PM. You're good unless you get there early, but expect to walk a block or two.

Oh darn. I just realized that the meetup is in the evening. I'm hosting a house party that night on the peninsula, so I'm sadly going to have to miss this. Will there be another one next month?

Yes. In general, there's a meetup in Berkeley every 1st weekend of the month.

I plan to plan to be there, but that kind of meta-optimization doesn't have a great track record.


Haha, I was amused by how fast you spun around with "Did someone say acausal?!" and then so quickly again backed away in disinterest. Oh well, another time :-)