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Everybody knows this post belongs in the 2019 Review.

Logistics for the 2020 online Secular Solstice celebration

only works in Chrome [...] please have Chrome downloaded

If it's not expensive to find out, what about Chromium (which is the same software but without Google's special proprietary additions)? (Maybe I shouldn't ask, because I do already have Chrome installed, but this might be relevant to some other Linux users.)

Total horse takeover

I have to wonder: was the title written first? Brilliant in either case.

Self-consciousness wants to make everything about itself

The phenomenon of people changing the subject to "Who is, or is not, Bad" is a very serious problem that prevents us from making intellectual progress on topics other than the question of who is Bad. (And actually, that topic as well.) It can be a serious problem even if the people who do it are not Bad!

The Parable of Predict-O-Matic

This is a fun story that made me take self-fulfilling prophecies more seriously (as something that actually matters in the real world, rather than an exotic possibility).

What failure looks like

Students of Yudkowsky have long contemplated hard-takeoff scenarios where a single AI bootstraps itself to superintelligence from a world much like our own. This post is valuable for explaining how the intrinsic risks might play out in a soft-takeoff scenario where AI has already changed Society.

Part I is a dark mirror of Christiano's 2013 "Why Might the Future Be Good?": the whole economy "takes off", and the question is how humane-aligned does the system remain before it gets competent enough to lock in its values. ("Why might the future" says "Mostly", "What Failure Looks Like" pt. I says "Not".)

When I first read this post, I didn't feel like I "got" Part II, but now I think I do. (It's the classic "treacherous turn", but piecemeal across Society in different systems, rather than in a single seed superintelligence.)

Viliam's Shortform

remember, and keep switching when I click on a link found somewhere

(Only if you're not logged in: there's a user-preferences setting to use the old UI.)

Viliam's Shortform

But they keep making the user interface worse and worse, so a site that was almost addictive in the past, is so unpleasant to use now, that it actually conditions me to avoid it.

If—if there were a way to use the old Reddit UI, would you want to know about it?

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Pontor's Shortform

Schelling talks about [...]

-- Scott Alexander

I would recommend actually reading Schelling's The Strategy of Conflict. Popularizers like Alexander do great and important work in exposing the highlights to a large audience, but there's no real substitute for getting the details from the primary literature.

Straight-edge Warning Against Physical Intimacy

some people have a vagina (so someone you might call a female) and produce predominantly testosterone [...] because they're a cis woman and have PCOS, or because they're intersex, or for other reasons

Really? An article in Clinical Medicine and Research claims that most testosterone values in females with PCOS are ≤150 ng/dL, whereas (for comparison) the American Urological Association says that low testosterone in males should be diagnosed below 300 ng/dL.

What specific intersex condition or specific other reason would result in people with a vagina producing predominantly testosterone? (Also, I'm not really sure what "predominantly" means in this context—as compared to what?)

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