WhenSaturday, April 16st, 2:00 PM Saturday, April 30th, 2PM.

Where: Au Pt'it Chat, a little Café near Châtelet, which is here. I'll be there with a LessWrong sign.

I know there are a few LessWrongers that live around Paris, but I've only met Morendil ... so let's try a more formal meetup.

Depending on the attendance, we could organize something more regular.

Lurkers and newbies are very welcome!

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I edited the post - now it's Saturday 30th.

Oh, that changes EVERYTHING. Phew, it was going to be one expensive trip, otherwise.

So would you be coming? With Yvain and cousin_it around, that would make it a real European/International meetup :)

That sounds great. It'll be tough to come, but I'd really love to... Do you know of any Spaniard lesswrongers? That'd be nice.

I didn't know any personally, but it seems that there are some :)

Hi Emile, I’m likely to come basically any weekend, so if do any rescheduling (or maybe add another date) please give me a heads-up.

I'm planning to go to Paris the last week in April. I would attend a Paris meetup if things worked out (although I don't speak French so I suppose I'd be the annoying tourist forcing you all to talk in English) If you'd be willing to reschedule, let me know and I'll finalize my plans ASAP and tell you what dates would work.

Whee! Now that I live in Zurich, the prospect of meeting you and Emile is definitely enough for me to grab a plane ticket. If you settle on a date, please inform me.

I'm fine with rescheduling, I didn't get a lot of responses beyond "I'm on holiday", "I live too far away" and "maybe" ... so would you prefer the weekend of April 23rd or April 30?

I've finalized my plans and will be there from 27/4 to 2/5 - so the weekend of the 30th sounds good to me.