Following [last Paris meetup](, next one will be Satuday, June 25th, probably around 2PM, but we can use this thread to settle on the details.

Anybody have any suggestions for a better place than some random Café?

(I had the impression that announcing meetups too early was not advised, as people would just forget ...)

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OK, so the official time and place for this meetup appear to be:

  • 2pm on Saturday the 25th
  • at Café des Techniques at Musée des Arts et Metiers

Agenda TBD :)

I added it to the sidebar

I'll be there.

Memo that everyone ignored or hilariously misinterpreted last time because I mumble horribly, so this time I'm posting it in advance: My preferred pronouns are gender-neutral. (Your favorite set, or Spivak pronouns, or "they" in unambiguous contexts.) I insist on them in few circumstances, which LW meetups aren't part of. If you don't want to bother with them (gender-neutral French is awkward), male pronouns will be happily tolerated.

Longs meetups are more fun (at least I enjoy them more), so I suggest that we should either finish late (last time lasted past 1 AM, but almost everyone left earlier) or start early.

Walking around seems to get less fun as group size increases - it encourages independent one-on-one conversations.

Well, Wikipedia wasn't helpful ... how do you do gender-neutral pronouns, etc. (particularly the etc.) in French?

As far as I can tell, you don't! The handful of genderqueer people I know accept both sets, and switch (not mid-sentence, but within the course of a single conversation) when referring to themselves.

As Wikipedia says, you can use both forms in writing ("Il/elle est étudiant(e)."), but I have no idea how you're supposed to say it, and anyway it doesn't solve the problem of gendered language.

The only suggestions I've seen for real gender-neutrality are:

  • Use "y" as a gender-neutral pronoun, from (somewhat archaic) corruptions of other pronouns ("Je lui ai dit" (I told him/her) becomes "J'y ai dit").
  • End words that end in "é" (masculine) and "ée" (feminine) in "ey" for gender-neutrality. This covers a lot of adjectives, but not all.

Neither have caught on anywhere.

I liked the idea of the Café des Techniques at Musée des Arts et Metiers. Even if we don't have international visitors this time around it makes for a nice and topical meeting point.

I second that.

Thirded :-)

Bonjour Everyone,

How about the Pere populaire

If you want to walk, no particular suggestions but as the group seems to be a small one, why not stay in one place for a starter?

as the group seems to be a small one, why not stay in one place

Are you saying that walking is better in large groups than in small ones? My experience says the opposite. (Walking favors small conversations, sitting favors large ones.)

Hi MixedNuts,

We can walk or we can sit.

I'm proposing but eventually all of you will be deciding.