LW Update 2018-08-23 – Performance Improvements

by Raemon 1 min read24th Aug 20186 comments


Today's deploy includes:

  • Removed the map of meetups from frontpage since the major Slatestar Everywhere push is wrapping up.
  • Posts with lots of comments should load faster now
  • Fixed the bug where the last post in a sequence wouldn't properly navigate to the next post in some cases.
  • Printing a page now should work more nicely without stylesheet glitches.
  • Continued refactoring our style management in preparation for EA Forum and AI Alignment Forum theming. In the process, we:
    • streamlined some of our font sizes
    • updated our Form styling
    • made most UI elements sans-serif

In some cases the styling refactor has caused some edge cases and less common sections of the site to not quite render properly, which we apologize for and are continuing to work on.