Hong Kong LW meetup

by Isaac1 min read2nd Mar 201118 comments


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Any LW readers in Asia's world city interested in a meetup? I have a hunch that there might be more of us that the statistics suggest, possibly due to some of us showing up in the analytics as being based in Kowloon, not Hong Kong. At any rate, I'd be surprised if we couldn't find enough people for a decent gathering, HK being such a wired and technophilic place.

Date: Saturday 12th March, 6:00 pm.

Place: 168 Future Bar, Mong Kok

Reading Starting a LW Meetup is Easy inspired me to try and get this moving. Remember, you don't need to be an active contributor to the site to come along and meet like-minded people (I personally don't post or comment very often, though I do lurk a lot). Don't be shy, if you're at all interested please reply so we can get the ball rolling!