Any LW readers in Asia's world city interested in a meetup? I have a hunch that there might be more of us that the statistics suggest, possibly due to some of us showing up in the analytics as being based in Kowloon, not Hong Kong. At any rate, I'd be surprised if we couldn't find enough people for a decent gathering, HK being such a wired and technophilic place.

Date: Saturday 12th March, 6:00 pm.

Place: 168 Future Bar, Mong Kok

Reading Starting a LW Meetup is Easy inspired me to try and get this moving. Remember, you don't need to be an active contributor to the site to come along and meet like-minded people (I personally don't post or comment very often, though I do lurk a lot). Don't be shy, if you're at all interested please reply so we can get the ball rolling!

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I'm in Hong Kong for the OpenCog-related project here ( I'm a "transplanted Westerner", originally from New Zealand (moved here about 2 months ago). Available basically any evening.

I'm also interested and part of the same project. Jared and I work in Kowloon Tong and I live in Mong Kok. Have messaged my cell number...


Since at the moment it looks like it'll just be the three of us, I'll suggest meeting up in the bar ferrouswheel mentioned below (168 Future) at 6pm. Will add the details to the article if anyone else wants to drop by.

I've stumbled across OpenCog before and thought it sounded like an interesting approach, though I never looked into it in much detail. My bachelors thesis is actually about writing a texas holdem-playing AI, focusing on using machine learning to model an opponent's behaviour - which I guess has some slight relation to yousen's project. Well, it should be one thing to talk about anyway.

Will try and msg tomorrow to confirm.

I am the Shanghai organizer. I have to go to Hong Kong to renew my Visa on the weekend of Oct 7th through 11th. I'd like to meetup with the Hong Kong LessWronger's if possible.

I'm a college student in Rochester, and I will be home (in Hong Kong) for spring break, from March 6 to March 13. But... I won't be able to make it on March 12 because I have already committed to something else for that day. Any day from Monday to Friday would work better for me, but it'd probably be inconvenient for everyone else.

Between Monday to Friday (in the evenings) also works for me. I don't know about everyone else, since no other HK-based Lesswrongers have yet emerged. Bummer...

I would be very interested in learning about the experience of rationalists (i.e. people in the LW empirical cluster in person-space) in Hong Kong.

Out of curiosity, in what way do you think the experience of rationalists in HK will be exceptional (as compared to other cities)? Or am I misreading your comment?

I don't know: the difference is an unknown unknown. But most rationalists live in the Anglosphere, so my guess is that those that live in HK will have a different perspective and philosophy. Are there any native HK people on LW, or are they transplanted westerners?

The background interest is that I could see myself moving to HK someday (economic freedom, and all that).

I don't know: the difference is an unknown unknown.

Evidently it is a known unknown unknown.

I'll also volunteer my place in Mong Kok on Fa Yuen St if it's a small meet up of 4-5 people. There is a bar down the road called "168 Future" which might be a contender to head out for drinks.

(Neither options have skyline unfortunately however)

Anyone in Thailand right now? I'm in Phuket until the 7th.

This location would be the most convenient yet, but it's still 1700 miles away. Bummer.

Anyone who happens drop by the northeast should feel free to send me a message, though.