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Please note that Llama 2 is not open source; Meta is only offering a limited commercial license which discriminates against specific users and bans many valuable use-cases, both economic and in alignment research. See my linked comment for more details, but as an open-source maintainer I think this requires substantial pushback.

Thanks Zac. I don't have an opinion on this myself but I'll add your comment to this digest and mention it in the next one as well.

Thanks - https://blog.opensource.org/metas-llama-2-license-is-not-open-source/ is less detailed but as close to an authoritative source as you can get, if that helps.

And yes, this opinion is my own. More relevant than my employer is is my open source experience: eg I'm a Fellow of the Python Software Foundation, "nominated for their extraordinary efforts and impact upon Python, the community, and the broader Python ecosystem".