Talk and Meetup today 4/4 in San Diego

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Today in San Diego, Carl Shulman and I will be giving a talk at 3:30pm at San Diego State University, on whether whole brain emulation can help us safely navigate the Singularity.  There will be a gathering afterward for beer and discussion.  Come join us for the talk, beer, or both; it should be stimulating.

The talk is in the GMCS (Geology, Mathematics and Computer Science) building, room 405.  (This is on the East side of campus, near the college avenue exit off the 8 freeway.  But campus is small enough that parking anywhere and then asking someone should also work; feel free also to give me a call).  The after-party is walking distance from the same place; give me a call for directions, at 619 213 2741.

Hope to see you there!

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I will be there.

For future reference, I can more reliably get an afternoon off work for this sort of thing with more advance notice.

Got a copy of the talk, or the slides if any?

[-][anonymous]11y 2

EDIT: never mind

We will probably record it and put it online in coming weeks. Meanwhile, probably best not to read the slides, which don't explain the talk at all and were images that weren't meant to stand alone.