New Haven/Yale Less Wrong Meetup: 5 pm, Monday October 12

by CarlShulman 1 min read7th Oct 20099 comments


Posted on behalf of Thomas McCabe:

I (Thomas McCabe, a Yale math student) will be hosting a Less Wrong meetup in New Haven, Connecticut, on the Yale University campus. The meetup will take place at 5 PM on Monday, October 12th, at the Yorkside Pizza & Restaurant at 288 York St. (time and place are flexible if anyone has a conflict); please comment if you'd like to attend, or if you have any questions or ideas. The location can be found on Google Maps at this link.

Some confirmed attendees include SIAI folk and Less Wrongers Anna Salamon, Steve Rayhawk, Carl Shulman, and Roko Mijc.

Feel free to contact me at, or at 518-248-5525.
Thanks, and see everyone there!