The Kansas City Rationalists just had our first dojo meetup yesterday. It was a success as far as first meetings go; we had great attendance, including a couple non-rationalists. We are using the 'Hammertime' sequence as our content.

I am making a series of vlog posts/podcast episodes detailing my personal journey through the sequence, also for the benefit of others. I plan to expand it as I learn and experience more.

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Sweet! I added it to the list of podcasts by people with a LessWrong profile:

The Bayesian Conspiracy needs to be updated with Jess as a new host. :)

please go ahead!:) and let me know if you have trouble editing the wiki

I didn't even know about this resource. Thanks!

Is a transcript available?

You may already know this, but almost all YouTube videos will have an automatically generated transcript. Click "..." to the bottom right of the video panel and click "Open transcript" on the pulldown. YouTube's automatic speech transcription is very good.

Thank you, but yes, I did know that. The problem with the auto-generated transcript is that it’s not punctuated, capitalized, paragraph’d, etc., making it tricky to read.

As far as I am aware, vloggers of this sort generally have a script that they’re reading from, which should function as a transcript, or at any rate the actual thing I am looking for, i.e. the content of the video in text form. If Senarin could post that, I’d appreciate it!

Done! Link to the transcript has been posted in the description, and also here:

Is there a different venue/format for the notes you had in mind?

This is perfect, thanks.

I will be sure to include a transcript in all future episode descriptions/show notes.

I'll do that tonight!

This exceeded my expectations. You kept it short and to the point, and the description of the technique was very clear. I look forward to more episodes.

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