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I think this tag description is confused between humility and modesty, as was originally written in the Twelve Virtues:

To be humble is to take specific actions in anticipation of your own errors. To confess your fallibility and then do nothing about it is not humble; it is boasting of your modesty.

Might come back and edit the description a bit, but overall it seems that the list of posts is largely accurate and useful.

I don't think it's confused so much as isn't using those English synonyms in the precise way Eliezer has begun using them. Does make sense to conform to that though.

Fixed, sorta, but now this tag needs to be merged with "humility". (I've named it "epistemic humility" in the meantime, but I think it should just be called "humility" -- no one says "epistemic humility" I think.)

The beginning still seems to make this mistake. Enough that I wondered if someone came after you and made new edits that were wrong (no one did, it's the original text).

Can confirm, article was totally crazy pro-modesty propaganda; have mostly rewritten from scratch. :)

Nice! It's much better now. I made a few more small edits so the beginning works better as an excerpt and to add some links.