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oh this is great, agreed on all points. (but what if they just embed logseq)

I generally disagree with the idea that fancy widgets and more processes are the main thing keeping the LW wiki from being good. I think the main problem is that not a lot of people are currently contributing to it. 

The things that discourage me from contributing more look like:

-There are a lot of pages. If there are 700 bad pages and I write one really good page, there are still 699 bad pages.

-I don't have a good sense of which pages are most important. If I put a bunch of effort into a particular page, is that one that people are going to care about?

-I don't get much feedback about whether anyone saw the page after I edited it - karma for edits basically just comes from the tag dashboard and the frontpage activity feed.

So the improvements I would look for would be like:

-Expose view counts for wiki pages somewhere.

-Some sort of bat-signal on the tag dashboard for if a page is getting a lot of views but still has a bunch of TODO flags set.

-Big high-quality wiki page rewrites get promoted to frontpage or something.

-Someone of authority actually goes through and sets the "High Priority" flag on, say, 20 pages that they know are important and neglected.

-Some sort of event or bounty to drive more participation.

Nathan, I assume this is posted also on the EA Forum?

No, they don't let me post to their wiki like this and I haven't had enough success to publicise it yet.