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  • This is a deliberate bastardisation and subversion of how the wiki is used
  • In order that people don't think I'm a defector, I'm making clear what I'm doing as I'm doing it. Tell me what you think
  • Anyone should still edit this document as if it were theirs
  • The wiki would be better if it had a range of features I discuss below
  • If you disagree, edit it! Sometimes edit wars are good

Wiki features and how valuable they would be

  • Comments on wikis
    • The current tech exists and it would make it much cleaner to write things I intend to work on in future.
    • Comments are hidden unless you click show. You can toggle them to be permanently shown
  • Double bracket search and tagging
    • When you use [[, it opens up a search window to all Lesswrong tags. You type in what you want to reference. If there isn't one. it creates it eg [[Solipsism]]
  • Disputed changes sit beside text, like comments
  • A process for requesting a number -> getting an accurate forecast
    • There is a description in the text
    • A user flags it for quantification
    • Other users collaboratively write a forecasting question
    • Users give estimates, weighted by LW karma score (I hate this but it would be better than nothing, hard to abuse etc)
    • Ideally, eventually this gets replaced by a manifold market or similar
  • Toggle hide/unhide sections
  • Gwern-style floating windows which appear when you hover over text in Lesswrong
  • Embeddable manifold markets
  • Embeddable squiggle estimation
  • Taking variables from manifold markets and squiggle and displaying them within the text

Some pages I have edited to be the style of what I think should be all pages

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