Internal Family Systems

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Seems like this is what the Subagents tag is supposed to be about

While about subagents, Internal Family Systems is the name for a particular kind of psychotherapy, so I think it makes sense for it to have its own page (that links and references subagents). 

Yeah, subagents is the general idea of modeling the mind in terms of independent agents, but IFS is a more specific theory of what kinds of subagents there are. E.g. my sequence has a post about understanding System 1 and System 2 in terms of subagents, while IFS doesn't really have anything to say about that.

But I think it'd be bad to have the pages be duplicates of each other, so possibly this should be wiki-only but have in the text description mention posts explicitly about IFS. (I'm not sure the currently tagged ones meet that?) I'm not sure.