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This is different from a thought crime, right? I would distinguish in the page description. Otherwise, if it's not already an accepted term, I would consider changing it to avoid confusion.

"Mind Crime" was the term Bostrom used in Superintelligence. I don't know of a better term that covers the same things.

Usually when people talk about mind crime they're talking about torture simulations or something similar, which is different than the usual use of "thought crime". My sense is that if you really believed that thinking certain thoughts was immoral, thought crime would be a type of mind crime, but I'm not sure if anyone has used the term in that way.

Edit: https://www.lesswrong.com/posts/BKjJJH2cRpJcAnP7T/thoughts-on-human-models says:

Many computations may produce entities that are morally relevant because, for example, they constitute sentient beings that experience pain or pleasure. Bostrom calls improper treatment of such entities “mind crime”. 

so maybe the accepted meaning is narrower than I thought and this wiki page should be updated accordingly.

Edit x2:

I reread the relevant section of Superintelligence, which is in line with that, and have rewritten the page.