Discussion article for the meetup : São Paulo Meet Up 2

WHEN: 23 April 2012 07:30:00PM (-0300)

WHERE: 1034 Alameda Santos, São Paulo, Brasil

Brazilians, Unite!

Our last meeting was great. Let's do that again! I hope everybody who couldn't go to the last one show up this time.

Meeting point: Starbucks at Alameda Santos with Alameda Campinas. Later we may go somewhere and eat something.

I'll be there at 19:30 with a copy of "Good and Real" on the table.


Discussion article for the meetup : São Paulo Meet Up 2

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Hey guys, sorry for the unanswered messages, I've been literally out of time those last months. Unfortunatelly I'll be unable to attend the 2nd meeting as well since I'll have exams at the university that very same day.

And even if I went I don't think I'd have much to add to your conversations, I'm still at the beginning of the sequences. Good luck, I hope to go next time.

Man, even if you don't think so, you probably do have something to add to the group. Even if you don't have a lot of scientific/philosophical knowledge (I myself felt a little like this talking to the other guys, and i see that as a learning opportunity), you can add just by being a different person, with different experiences and background. Please show up if you can, even if you arrive late!

I will be there!

If anyone would like to suggest interesting topics for us to talk about.

In other news, we (IERFH) finished translating GHO website, check it out http://www.globalhappiness.com/br

Ethics. Heads up: I'm going to ask you about some stuff about utilitarianism that I don't understand =P

I'm going again, it was too fun/interesting to miss.