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What if we built oracle AIs that were not more intelligent than humans, but they had complementary cognitive skills to humans, and we asked them how to align AI?

How many cognitive skills can we come up with?

I was thinking the other day that if there was a "should this have been posted" score I would like to upvote every earnest post on this site on that metric. If there was a "do you love me? am I welcome here?" score on every post I would like to upvote them all.

I want to be on record as someone who severely disagrees with OP's standards. I want that statement to be visible from my LessWrong profile.

Here are N of my own standards which I feel are contrary to the standards of OP's post:

  1. I aim to ensure every discussion leaves both parties happier that it happened than not, and I do hope you will reciprocate this
  2. I'll go through the motions with you if you're invested in what I think; preset guidelines are great, but I'll always be happier if you ignore them and talk to me instead of saying nothing; I'll negotiate adequate guidelines if necessary
  3. Tell me what you're thinking and feeling as fast as you want; I love impulsive responses! The worst thing you can do on impulse is to permanently end all discussion.
  4. Leadingness (the opposite of misleadingness) is more important than truth, though truth is important. If a map is supposed by many to adequately reflect the territory, and yet it does not mark any CEV-threats or CEV-treasures that are in the territory, then that map is not going to help me much!
  5. Hold me accountable to the twelfth rationalist virtue. If I think you're an exceptionally virtuous person, your input will interest me no matter how poorly you substantiate yourself at first. Be daringly fallacious and dramatic. Wrench me from my delusions. Keep me sharp.
  6. I'm not like those other pretenders to open-mindedness! I'm kakistocurious!

Inspiration credit to Aella.

An untitled litany; title suggestions welcome:

I wish an omnibenevolent god ruled over all living beings in the cosmos so that everyone could have as much as they want and so that intrinsically bad things happened minimally. It is okay to want a thing without its normal consequence. It is okay to want one thing out of a linked pair.

1. Warren Buffett consistently beats the EMH as an exceptionally smart person 

2. Prediction markets systematically outperform all individual smart people 

3. Therefor, if futarchy is implemented, we will inevitably end up with a functional planned economy.

I didn't downvote. The desire to read your post is equally valid as my desire not to read it. If you would like to convince me of the truth or importance of something that you conveyed in your post, I warmly welcome it, though DMs are most comfortable for me. :)

The [how much I like the vibes of this post] to [how long the paragraphs are] ratio of this essay is really really small. I think a long paragraph can be good if I really like the vibes.

My stylistic sense says that a paragraph should never be longer than 1440 characters, and the average paragraph length in an essay, after excluding sub-160-char paragraphs, should not be more than 840 characters.

Sorry that I could not bring myself to fully focus on the content of your post.

When people say they have morbid curiosity they're kind of implying that the curiosity itself is morbid, possibly because they're taking for granted that the thing they're curiosity is about is actually morbid, whereas kakistocuriosity is egosyntonic curiosity about things that are stereotypically bad.

I am voting on this post in such a manner as to keep the karma as close as possible to 0. 

On the one hand, I don't think this content is exactly suitable for lesswrong (for reasons mentioned by gjm).

On the other hand, I do wish there was a sort of... less competitive, higher slack version/section of lesswrong, where people can air their honesty, babble, compose speculative hot takes, shitpost, share cool stuff they made or found online, etc., without having to incur extrinsic incentives but still interact with a culture that is close to the personality of lesswrong. Your post would be fine in that sort of community, and since there is no such community I don't want to hurt your karma.

(I tried the ACX discord server for those purposes. It was and continues to be a very bad experience; that place is full of sneery sarcastic jerks, and at this time such jerks occupy the moderation positions (with some exceptions; I think Zenbu is nice); it's a festering wasteland of bullying and uncharitability and I really think Scott Siskind should pay closer attention.)

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