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I think the prior for aliens having visited Earth should be lower, since it a priori it seems unlikely to me that aliens would interact with Earth but not to an extent which makes it clear to us that they have. My intuition is that its probably rare to get to other planets with sapient life before building a superintelligence (which would almost certainly be obvious to us if it did arrive) and even if you do manage to go to other planets with sapient life, I don't think aliens would not try to contract us if they're anything like humans.

I don't think I'm really looking for something like that, since it doesn't touch on the perception of music as much as it does the reasons why we have it.

Sure, I just prefer a native bookmarking function.

I wish I could bookmark comments/shortform posts.

You can actually use this to do the sleeping beauty experiment IRL and thereby test SIA vs SSA. Unfortunately you can only get results if you're the one being put under.

This sort of begs the question of why we don't observe other companies assassinating whistleblowers.

I think there should be a way to find the highest rated shortform posts.

I like to phrase it as "the path to simplicity involves a lot of detours." Yes, Newtonian mechanics doesn't account for the orbit of Mercury but it turned out there was an even simpler, more parsimonious theory, general relativity, waiting for us.

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