Noah Birnbaum

I'm a rising sophomore at the University of Chicago studying philosophy and economics/math. I'm largely interested in formal epistemology, metaethics, formal ethics, decision theory, and I have minor interests in a few other areas--I think LessWrong ideas are heavily underrated in philosophy academia, though I have some contentions.  

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People: “Ah, yes. We should trust OpenAI with AGI.” OpenAI: “But the executives decided not to share the news publicly because no information about customers or partners had been stolen, the two people said. The executives did not consider the incident a threat to national security because they believed the hacker was a private individual with no known ties to a foreign government. The company did not inform the F.B.I. or anyone else in law enforcement.”

Nice post! Someone want to explain how to do problem 2? I’ve looked at it for about 3 mins and can’t figure it out and am now just curious lol

Hate to be that guy but was he cryopreserved?

I think this has the potential to be a great thing to make note of. I would consider adding weird rituals and communal synchronization into the mix (in form of song or dance). I don't think the synchrony stuff has to be crazy (a mere songs in front a camp fire feels like a religious experience to many). Although it does sound very weird (and very well may be), I find it not merely coincidental that this a strong part of what makes religions' communities survive and thrive. I do see potential downsides 1) in how weird it would be to the outside (making the rat culture even more insular) and 2) actually getting people to participate in those activities seriously without belief in something beyond mere instrumental utility. 

Thank you for your help! I was already in the Discord and have been in contact (and am a part of) the EA group here.