As in title, right now just checking for interest, and if so will set a date/place.

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I would probably come if there was a chance to carpool from Ann Arbor.

I'm also in Ann Arbor, but I don't have a car.

I am interested.

Please excuse the thread necromancy: I lack the karma to start a new thread. I'm in Ann Arbor, and I'd like to host a meetup if anyone is interested. Is anyone interested? I've never posted here because I don't like web fora but I'm a veteran cat-herder meetup engineer in real life.

Also Ann Arbor local, would be interested in attending. EDIT: New to the site and studying rationality, but I'd be able to help out with some of the logistics stuff. :)

Would you like to go ahead with this even if it ends up just being two of us? Or should we wait a month or two and try again?

I'm in the Ann Arbor area. So maybe a meet up in Ann Arbor? I can drive people to Farmington Hills from Ann Arbor.