Farmington Hills, MI Less Wrong meetup: Sunday, February 20

by Psy-Kosh1 min read13th Feb 201129 comments


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Where: Udipi Restaurant, on Orchard Lake road, between 12 and 13 mile road (much closer to 13 mile)

When: Sunday, February 20, 12:30pm (This can be moved a bit later or such if that's better for anyone)

Unless anyone who would otherwise come except for the date/time being bad, that's what I'm going to go with.

If you plan on showing up, go ahead and comment here so I'll have an idea about that. (Although if you don't comment and you find that you do still want to show up, don't feel that your not having commented is a reason not to show up.)

EDIT: From the discussion thread, some people in Ann Arbor would come if they had a ride. So if anyone is coming from Ann Arbor and is willing to give a ride, please mention that. Thanks.