Open Thread: What are you working on? (October)

by Raj Thimmiah1 min read13th Oct 20211 comment


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This is an open thread for people who want to

(1) talk about the work they're doing and/or

(2) find collaborators for a project.

If that's you, feel free to write a comment!

(Thanks for editing help, S)

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I'm working on a project to implement some fraction of Ray Dalio's Principles in app form. 

Part 1: be able to access principles on my apple watch. I have this working. I have principles I can edit on computer and run on apple watch. I'm mainly using them for morning/night routines. 

I'm trying to, each night, write down the mistakes I made during the day and spend a yoda timer fixing as many of them as I can by writing new programs and updating existing programs. The issue I've run into is that I've been kind of bad at actually remembering to run them. I need to start using TAPs more reliably to go from situation -> opening principle

I think after I figure this out I'll try to figure out a triaging system for mistakes I record each day, to sort them into categories to see what repeat/urgent issues I have and such