I am looking for nonfiction non-historical books that aren’t too dumbed-down/light (essentially, a book that needs careful reading, not something skimmable), but still readable on an e-reader such as Kindle (so equations should be very scarce, and the book should be available in a reflowable format such as EPUB). 

Some examples:

  • Darwin‘s Dangerous Idea (and other books by Dennett)
  • Thinking, Fast and Slow
  • Norton’s Introduction to Philosophy
  • LW’s sequences and The Codex (generally, most equation-less LW posts fit the bill)
  • Most Programming books (though I prefer a hands-on approach for learning these, which is not possible on an e-reader)
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The strategy of conflict is condensed instrumental rationality. Much of the content is covered elsewhere, but I don't know of a superior qualatative presentation.

Talking about qualatative presentations, thinking physics is a set of hundreds of physics problems, designed to show how important conservation laws and infinitesimals are. The problems are all solvable with some careful thought, and cover quite a deal of ground. I wish more books were written in this way. 

FYI this link doesn't go anywhere

Here's a link to the book's Goodreads page

Derek M. Jones


If you are into data analysis and software engineering there is my book Evidence-based software engineering.


pdf+data+code here: http://knosof.co.uk/ESEUR/

PDF is not reflowable. EPUB or MOBI would be much better.

Yoav Ravid


I'm currently reading on kindle app on a tablet The Logic of Political Survival which seems to fit your description. it does have one chapter with quite a bit of math, and that part wasn't as good as it is on PDF, but it was better than i expected it to be. so all in all, recommended in general, and on kindle.