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Handicapping competitive games

Especially in Go, I think this handicap system is under-used - in my opinion, it changes the game less than giving the weaker player handicap stones on the board at the start.

I think "the character of a game" preserved by existing handicap systems of Go/Chess/Shogi (handicap stones and piece odds) is the evaluation function from board position to winning probability. That is, you use the same evaluation function to decide whether you are winning or losing given board position.

With point odds in Go you are suggesting, you can be winning while board position is losing. If evaluation function returns point difference you can do the adjustment, but I think evaluation function return type is closer to winning probability in practice.

2013 Survey Results

You missed lalxu daplu.

Negative karma is a bad design
  • This came up on #lesswrong IRC channel, it was not a hypothetical future problem at all.
  • Yes, I was planning on implementing, testing, submitting the fix myself.
Negative karma is a bad design

There is a useful distinction to be made between someone starting out at 0 karma or just breaking even and someone running a negative score.

There is, but my point was that you can't make this useful distinction usefully.

2012 Less Wrong Census/Survey

I interpreted the question as pre-tax, individual income.

2012 Less Wrong Census/Survey

I interpreted that question as "in your lifetime".

2012 Less Wrong Census/Survey

I took the survey. I did Political Compass for the first time, and I found its questions and results rather baffling. Political Compass themselves admit it is culturally biased and mainly for western democracies.