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Bay Solstice 2019 Retrospective

He has been trying to do it for years and failed. The first time I read his attempts at doing that, years ago, I also assigned a high probability of success. Then 2 years passed and he hadn't done it, then another 2 years..

You have to adjust your estimates based on your observations.

Bay Solstice 2019 Retrospective

I have a bunch of comments on this:

  1. I really liked the bit. Possibly because I've been lowkey following his efforts.
  2. He looks quite good, and I like the beard on him.
  3. ..

I've always thought that his failed attempts at researching weightloss and applying what he learned were a counter example of how applicable LW/EY rationality is. Glad to see he solved it when it became more important.

  1. Eliezer clearly gets too much flack in general, and especially in this case. It's not like I haven't criticised him but come on.
  2. several people’s reaction was, “Why is this guy talking to me like I’m his friend, I don’t even know him”

Really? Fine, you don't know him but if you don't know EY and are at a rationalist event why would you be surprised by not knowing a speaker? From the public's reaction to his openning it should've been clear most people did know him.

  1. I'm not against the concept of triggering - some stuff can be, including eating disorders, but like this? Can a person not talk at all about weight gain/loss? Is the solstice at all LW-related if things can't be discussed even at their fairly basic (and socially accepted) level? Please, if you hated it give a detailed response as to why. I'm genuinely curious.
CFAR Participant Handbook now available to all
I think of CFAR as having "forked the LW epistemological codebase", and then going on to do a bunch of development in a private branch. I think a lot of issues from the past few years have come from disconnects between people who having been using 'the private beta branch' and people using the classic 'LessWrong 1.0 epistemological framework.'" 

This rings true, and I like the metaphor. However, you seem to imply that the Open Source original branch is not as good as the private fork, pushed by a handful of people with a high turnover rate, which could be true but is harder to agree with.

CFAR Participant Handbook now available to all

I assume that means you print them? Because I find pdfs to be the worst medium, compared to mobi, epub or html - mainly because I usually read from my phone.

We run the Center for Applied Rationality, AMA

All you were saying was "That’s not the question that was asked, so … no." so I'm sorry if I had to guess and ask. Not sure what I've missed by 'not focusing'.

I see you've added both an edit after my comment and then this response, as wellwhich is a bit odd.

We run the Center for Applied Rationality, AMA

Meditations on Moloch is top of the list by a factor of perhaps four

Is that post really that much more relevant than everything else for TEACHING rationality? How come?

(Feedback Request) Quadratic voting for the 2018 Review
I think Tenoke things that we are talking about the usual post and comment vote system. 

Isn't that what you were going to use initially or at least the most relevant system here to compare to?

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