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If you are a user of LessWrong or Alignment Forum, then you might want to contact us about any of the following (or other things too):

  • Suggesting new features
  • Reporting bugs
  • Requesting administrative services such as changing your username, deleting your account, or adding co-authors to a post [1]
  • Raising moderation issues such as reporting bad behavior (epistemic or otherwise), appealing ban decisions, or discussing our policies with us
  • Other questions and comments!

You can reach us via any of the following methods:

  • Comment on the latest Open Thread
  • Ask a question
  • Email us at or
  • Use Intercom, it's at the bottom-right of the screen [2]
The Intercom Button

[1] We intend to make these self-serve in the near future.

[2] Unless you turned it off in your user settings.

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The LW moderation team has always responded quickly and helpfully to my inquiries. I expect they will behave similarly to any other reasonable person who contacts them in good faith.