From Friday August 30th to Monday 2nd September aspiring rationalists from across Europe and further afield will gather for 4 days of socializing, fun and intellectual exploration. There will be scheduled talks, but the majority of the content will be unconference style and participant driven.

On Friday afternoon we put up four wall-sized daily planners and by Saturday morning the attendees fill them up with +50 workshops, talks and activities of their own devising, such as icebreaker games, rationality techniques, EA community building discussions, comfort zone expansion workshop, polyamory and relationships workshops, morning meditation sessions in the winter garden and many more.

This is our 6th year and we feel that the atmosphere and sense of community at these weekends is something that’s really special. If that sounds like something you would enjoy and you have some exciting ideas and skills to contribute do come along and get involved. This year is the biggest one yet and it’s an entire day longer than previous years!

We have a very limited amount of spots. If you would like to be among the first selected in the beginning of May, sign up today: and make sure to let us know what experience and ideas you may contribute to this event:


When? 30th August – 2nd September 2019


Tickets? Regular Ticket (200€), Supporter Ticket (300/400€):

If you have any question, please email us at

Looking forward to a great weekend, The Community Weekend organizers and LessWrong Deutschland e.V.

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Some information regarding the start and end times:

  • Lunch + Shuttle (included) 30.08. 12:00-14:00 @ Akazienstraße 27, 10823 Berlin
  • Regular check in 15:00-16:00 @ Badeweg 1, 14129 Berlin
  • Check out on 02.09. until 10:00
  • Meeting Rooms are free to use until 15:00 on 02.09 for co-working after the event

Is the ticket price for costs of food and a place to sleep, or to limit the number of attendees? Because I live in Berlin and am interested in probably merely visiting.

I'm not a member of the organizational team of LWCW but I attended regularly and frequently talked with some organizers.

The number of attendees is limited given the judged capacity of the venue. Some people who applied got turned down. The idea isn't that people who didn't apply visit while people who did apply and got rejected stay away.