Professor Scott Aaronson will take your questions. After that, we will socialize online.

Please register  here and we will send you an invitation before the event.

Scott Aaronson is a Professor of computer scientist at the University of Texas at Austin. His primary areas of research are quantum computing and computational complexity theory. He blogs at Shtetl Optimized.

This event is Sunday May 23, at 17:30 UTC, 20:30 IDT, and 10:30 PDT

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It would be great if Lesswrong online events could be recorded and put in a podcast. Live is great if you plan to participate, but for just listening, it sucks. 


One of the good examples I have seen is the Techmeme podcast; They host a lot of Clubhouse/Twitter/etc live chats, and they post the content to their podcast. Some tools have recording as a built-in feature, e.g., Telegram's voice chats.