Alex Flint on "A software engineer's perspective on logical induction"


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This Sunday at noon PT, Alex Flint will be giving a short talk on how he thinks about Logical Induction from a software engineer's perspective. He describes the talk as "My attempt to understand and re-explain logical induction as a practical alternative to probability."

We'll be meeting in the Walled Garden at noon, on Sunday April 18th.

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Any way this one can be recorded? The main bits, regardless of subsequent small-group discussions.

I attempted to record this but accidentally did so in a way that didn't capture audio.

I would say that, if-and-only-if it's still alive for Alex, I'd enjoy him just writing down the basic things he said in his talk in like a couple of paragraphs, both the preamble at the top and his 4 slides or so.

How many times have I done similar... :D

Thanks for attempting though!

Guy- the slides are available here:

Would love to chat with you 1-1 about this if you're interested. Perhaps we could even record a 1-1 conversation and post it for others.