Event link: https://meet.google.com/ufp-fnqt-efn

Arrive at 11:00, 12:00, or 13:00 AST, and stay for as long as you want (there will be 3x 1-hour focusmate session)

Send me your Gmail address to contact@matiroy.com to be invited to the recurrent Google Calendar event.

After the successful Focusmate: Cryonics sign up event, I decided to make a weekly event where people could work on their cryonics or lifelogging as life extension projects.

Focusmate is an event format where we take a few minutes to share what we'll work on, and then all work at the same time, but without talking; and at the end we report back on the progress we made. It can help get things done.

I particularly invite people that what to make progress on signing up for cryonics:

  • deciding whether we want to sign up for cryonics
  • making a plan for when to sign up for cryonics (if not now)
  • making progress towards being signed up for cryonics

I've helped multiple people with that process, and I will be there to answer people's questions by text. Why by text?

  • because I will document the answers one the Biostasis Wiki
  • to avoid distracting others

Note: This event is lifelogging-friendly (ie. participants are welcomed to record it, but for their personal use only).

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Great idea! Looking forward to resuming work on digitizing cryonics signup. For people signing up with Cryonics Institute, I want to hear all the points of friction!

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