Event will be here: https://meet.google.com/ari-sqxa-qnh

Focusmate is an event format where we all work at the same time, but without talking. It can help get things done.

During this time we will all work on making progress towards:

  • deciding whether we want to sign up for cryonics
  • making a plan for when to sign up for cryonics (if not now)
  • making progress towards being signed up for cryonics

I'm already signed up for cryonics, but I will be here to answer people's questions by text. Why by text?

  • Because I will document the answers one the Biostasis Wiki
  • To avoid distracting others

If more than 0 people attend, I will organize another one the first Sunday of next month.

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Pissed I missed this. Hope it went well. 

it did; we were 6; I will make it weekly

I tried to join late, around 5:15, couldn't get in, sorry I missed you, Mati. 

humm, should have been able to join during the whole hour