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Basically my band did an album whose theme was "change your mind", largely inspired by the LW sequence. It's not Bayes Theorem in rhyming form, but the subject matter and spirit of it should (hopefully) resonate with LW readers.

Anyway, for obvious reasons I'm curious what you'll think of it, and so in the spirit of giving here's a direct link to download the album for free. If you don't want to download the whole thing immediately, you can also stream each song via Bandcamp.

Sound-wise, you'll probably like it if you like 90s rock/pop/alternative. 

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Not my genre, but I'm sure it's great to those who like that kind of thing! Upvoted for making rationality art!

Dunno if anyone from the band still reads LW, but I just wanted to say thanks; I've been enjoying this album for, I guess, coming up on ten years now. I think "Carry On" and "Keeping Me Away" are my favorites.

Awesome, thanks, I really like it!

Also, here are lyrics if anyone wants them:


Hey thanks this is really great! I wish there were bands like this around where I live, it be so much more awesome (awesome^10000).

Best band name/logo ever btw. Gonna be sharing your youtube videos all over social networkland now!!


The band name is a result of imagining Doctor Phil turning into a Squid, but deciding to keep his show.


Lmao, I am so glad this happened. 50 seconds through the first song, I'm enjoying this enough to download the full album. Thanks for sharing!

I enjoyed that a lot.