Bíos brakhús

Mentally crowding out possibilities gets you stuck in local maxima. To glean the benefits of temporarily inhabiting local maxima while garnering the benefits of even better points that can be discovered via higher-energy search, acquire the ability to prevent {the idea of existing forms of X} from mentally crowding out {the possibility of, specific visualizations of, and motivation to create} better forms of X.

4jimrandomh5moIn my experience, the motion that seems to prevent mental crowding-out is intervening on the timing of my thinking: if I force myself to spend longer on a narrow question/topic/idea than is comfortable, eg with a timer, I'll eventually run out of cached thoughts and spot things I would have otherwise missed.

Yeah, this is a great method.

For some instances of crowding out, this method doesn't work because you don't even get to the point of bringing the thing to attention. As an extreme example, we use a collection of mental moves to build thought-structures, and those moves are reflected in the grammar of our language; so it stands to reason that we might be able to think more difficult thoughts if we try to design further grammatical tools. It's hard to see this possibility or be motivated by it, I think in part because existing language crowds... (read more)

6Raemon5moI've found the "set a 5 minute timer" meme to not-quite-work because it takes me like 15 minutes just to get all my cached thoughts out, before I get to anything original. But yeah this basic idea here is a big part of my "actually thinking for real" toolkit.

Bíos brakhús

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