Is anyone else worried about SOPA? Trying to do anything about it?

by false_vacuum 1 min read20th Dec 201189 comments


Referring, of course, to the proposed U.S. legislation which could cause severe damage to the Internet—at least, that's what a lot of people are saying.  See, e.g., this Open Letter From Internet Engineers to the U.S. Congress (the first signatory listed is Vint Cerf).  On Wikipedia, people including Jimbo Wales are discussing strategies as extreme as blanking the entire site (except for an explanatory message) to get people's attention, and thereby perhaps incite them to action, such as calling their Congressional representative.

I just happened to find out about all this a few hours ago, being someone who tries to avoid distractions like most kinds of news, so possibly others here with similar habits will appreciate having it called to ther attention.  Or possibly they won't.  But to those of you who possess relevant kinds of expertise: 

  • Is it possible to project likely consequences of this legislation's being passed?
  • What are those consequences?
  • Assuming they are on net undesirable, what can be done that would be most likely to prevent its passage?

(I think this subject can be discussed without political advocacy, in which I am mostly not at all interested anyway.  It just looks like a practical problem to me.)

Edited to Add: I forgot to include a fourth bullet point:

  • Again assuming they are undesirable, what can be done to ameliorate|circumvent them?

It seems to have been assumed by many commenters, nevertheless.