Some of you probably aren't aware yet of the rather excellent High Impact Careers / 80,000 hours blog.

It covers topics about how to have the biggest impact with your career, including

The contributors include Carl Shuman, Will Crouch, Ben Todd and Katja Grace, with an impressively regular updating schedule at the moment.

The reasoning is obvious in retrospect, but is useful to have written down, especially with the research that's gone into the posts. - much like the Sequences in that regard.

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I think that first URL is malformed - the other links work fine.

That may be a silly comment, or a OS issue, but I find the font on that blog very painful to read. Why can't people stick with standard fonts on their web site ?

We've been experimenting a bit with the font. A bit of Googling failed to yield any scientific data on what font types people prefer, though there's a fair bit on font size. Sounds like a new test is in order, though... (incidentally, if you or anyone else reading this happen to know of any decent studies on fonts for reading online, I'd be keen to see it).

Since the topic came up: The font seems fine to me, but the distance between lines in a paragraph seems too big, harder to parse the text into "chunks".

Hum, no, I did see some studies about print fonts, but I don't remember any about screen fonts (the issues being slightly differents).

But at least for me, regularity is important in a font, if we take for example (which I found the content to be interesting), and the word 'donations' in the second line, it seems to me that the letters "d", "o" and "s" are bigger than the other letters, which make it feels a bit like DOnatiOnS and is painful/distracting to read.

I agree with Nesov; the font is fine, but size and inter-line spacing mean I can only see ~130 words on my netbook's screen at a time.

We've changed it to a more standard font now. How's that?

Much better!

Great stuff.

Thanks for the write up Larks. We're currently looking for people to get involved with writing and researching similar articles. If you might be interested, email me: