Are you a Democrat singletonian, or a Republican singletonian?

byPhilGoetz10y1st Oct 200937 comments


Some people say that the difference between Republicans and Democrats is that Republicans are conservative in the sense of opposing change, while Democrats are liberal in the sense of promoting change.  But this isn't true - both parties want change; neither especially cares how things were done in the past.

Some people say that Republicans are fiscally conservative, while Democrats are fiscally liberal.  But this isn't true.  Republicans and Democrats both run up huge deficits; they just spend the money on different things.

Some people say Democrats are liberal in the sense of favoring liberty.  But this isn't true.  Republicans want freedom to own guns and run their businesses as they please, while Democrats want the freedom to have abortions and live as they please.

Someone - it may have been George Lakoff - observed that Republicans want government to be their daddy, while Democrats want government to be their mommy.  That's the most-helpful distinction that I've heard.  Republicans want a government that's stern and and protects them from strangers.  Democrats want a government that's forgiving and takes care of all their needs.

I was thinking about this because of singletons.  Some people are in favor of creating a singleton AI to rule the universe.  I assume that, as with party affiliation, people choose a position for emotional rather than rational reasons.  So which type of person would want a singleton - a daddy-seeking Republican, or a mommy-seeking Democrat?

I think the answer is, Both.  Republicans and Democrats would both want a singleton to take care of them; just in different ways.  Those who don't want a singleton at all would be Libertarians.

Regardless of whether you think a singleton is a good idea or a bad idea - does this mean that Americans would overwhelmingly vote to construct a singleton, if they were given the choice?

And would the ideas about how to design that singleton break down along party lines?