Announcing Fatebook for Slack - a Slack bot designed to help high-impact orgs build a culture of forecasting.

With Fatebook, you can ask a forecasting question in your team's Slack:

Then, everyone in the channel can forecast:

When it's time to resolve the question as Yes, No or Ambiguous, the author gets a reminder. Then everyone gets a Brier score, based on their accuracy.

It's like a tiny, private, fast Metaculus inside your team's Slack.


Why build a culture of forecasting?

  • Make better decisions
  • Communicate more clearly
  • Build your track record
  • Trust your most reliable forecasters

We built Fatebook for Slack aiming to help high-impact orgs become more effective.

See the FAQs on the website for more info. We'd really value your feedback in the comments, in our Discord, or at


You can add Fatebook to your workspace here.


Thanks to all our alpha testers for their valuable feedback, especially the teams at 80,000 Hours, Lightcone, EA Cambridge, and Samotsvety.

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This is fantastic. Is there anything remotely like this available for Discord?

Thanks! There's a Manifold Markets Discord bot which lets you quickly create and bet on markets

We might create a Fatebook Discord bot if there's enough interest (some other people have asked for it) - though first we're making a web version.

Just set it up in the Beeminder work Slack and I am immediately in love 😍

First forecast: Will at least 4 of us (including me) play this reindeer game? (96% probability so far)

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