The other day at a lunch time I realized I'd forgot to make and pack a lunch. It felt odd that I only realized it right when I was about to eat and was looking through my bag for food. Tracing back, I remembered that something abnormal had happened in my morning routine, and after dealing with the pop-up, I just skipped a step in my routine and never even noticed.

One thing I've done semi-intentionally over the past few years is decrease the amount of ambient thought that goes to logistics. I used to consider it to be "useless worrying", but given how a small disruption was able to make me skip a very important step, now I think of it more as trading off efficiency for "robustness".

Hazard's Shortform Feed

by Hazard 1 min read4th Feb 2018219 comments

In light of reading through Raemon's shortform feed, I'm making my own. Here will be smaller ideas that are on my mind.