Jason Crawford on the non-linear model of innovation: SSC Online Meetup

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Jason Crawford on the non-linear model of innovation.

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IMPORTANT: As Daylight Savings Time approaches an end, note the times: 18:30 UTC, 20:30 IST, 11:30 PDT. 

Innovation is often described with a “linear” model from discovery to invention to distribution. There is an element of truth in this, but a naive interpretation of the model does not match the reality of science and invention. In this talk, I'll show the feedback mechanisms between discovery and invention and how they are intertwined, using examples including the transistor at Bell Labs and the career of Louis Pasteur.

Jason Crawford is the author of The Roots of Progress (https://rootsofprogress.org/), where he writes about the history of technology and the philosophy of progress. Previously, he spent 18 years as a software engineer, engineering manager, and startup founder.

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