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"Iram indeed is gone with all its Rose, / And Jamshyd's Seven-ring'd Cup where no one knows; / But still the Vine her Ancient Ruby yields / And still a Garden by the Water blows."

An index of my recent writings, by topic:

This will be the last changelog I post on LW, as it seems increasingly redundant with my newsletter & subreddit, and my occasional regular LW link submissions. Please subscribe to those for future updates.

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"On the Existence of Powerful Natural Languages": Have you read Umberto Eco's "The Search for the Perfect Language"? It's a pretty good history of the past efforts to create powerful artificial languages, from Raymon Lull to John Wilkins etc.

I haven't but I should.

These Waifus Do Not Exist have also been upgraded:

These Waifus Do Not Exist 2.0

TWDNE has now been upgraded with samples from an additional 2 months of training on bigger faces, which should make them considerably better:

Small meta thing: I think we could set up automatic crossposting for the gwern newsletter, in the same way we do for the alignment newsletter, which might save you a bit of manual labor.

Maybe. I think you would have to check the metadata field for 'finished', because otherwise there's no definitive criteria: I put up the notes weeks in advance, and they usually aren't finished on the 1st of the month. I don't especially mind manual submission since I have to crosspost to Twitter/Reddit/#lesswrong/TinyLetter anyway.