Reminder: London meetup, Sunday 2pm, near Holborn

by Paul Crowley1 min read28th Apr 201114 comments


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Reminder: London meetup on Sunday May 1 at 14:00 at the Shakespeares Head (official page) on Kingsway near Holborn Tube station. Note that there's more than one pub in London with that name, so make sure you get the right one.  As always, we'll have a big picture of a paperclip on the table so you can find us; I look like this.  Hope to see lots of you there!

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I'll be making my debut less wrong meetup appearance here. It'll be great to experience the community.

See you there.

Do stop by the intro thread. (Should we start a 2011 one?)

Excellent, looking forward to seeing you!

Edited to read "Sunday May 1", change this if incorrect.

Eek, what did I write? I got the last one wrong first time around as well.

You didn't include a date.

geh - I'm piking 'cos I sick today. See you all at the next one!

About what time will it finish? One of the other meet-up threads mentioned the time 11pm, is that about right?

January petered out some time after eight or so, March around sevenish.

Anyone want to do an agenda or shall we just sit around a table chatting?

Anyone got interesting topics in mind?

I'd like there to be some discussion about "what shall we here actually do to save the world" :-)

"Agenda item one: save world. Bob, what have you got to report on world-saving this week?"

I look forward to your ideas on reducing that one to rather more graspable pieces ;-)

(I have no particular aversion to saving the world, and I'm glad people care about it, though at present I'm flat out saving myself. Though LW is actually good for keeping me moving on quotidian responsibilities in a satisfying manner that involves applying brain.)

(One question that springs to mind as to what would motivate me personally, thus possibly others, is: how to make whatever constitutes saving the world seem fun and fascinating? The sort of thing you think about when you should be doing other things. This is actually a separate issue from making it seem important. I'll see if I come up with anything less inchoate by tomorrow.)

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how to make whatever constitutes saving the world seem fun and fascinating?

Let me guess... ;-)