LW Update 2019-03-12 -- Bugfixes, small features

by jimrandomh1 min read12th Mar 20197 comments


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We've deployed an updated version of LessWrong, with a bunch of bug fixes and small features added since last time (March 1).

Features and Changes

  • Auto-linkify URLs in posts and comments
  • Coauthored posts appear on your user profile page
  • Drafts that are shared with you appear in the Drafts section of the user profile page
  • Negative-karma change notifications don't use red color
  • Posts on the All Posts page have a menu on the right

Bug Fixes

  • Address some compatibility issues with Opera Mini, Edge, and IE11
  • Remove broken New Users Notification and New Posts Notification settings
  • Table of Contents: Empty blocks can't be headings
  • Remove spurious All Posts View setting from user profile page
  • Fix a visual glitch during loading (SSR) of the all-posts page
  • Fix a bug where the RSS synchronization cron job would sometimes stop running
  • Don't redundantly show the AF icon on alignmentforum.org
  • Remove a duplicate Load More button on the user profile page
  • Fix a crash in the Sunshine Sidebar with reports of already-deleted comments
  • Various fixes to search indexing
  • Fix a security vulnerability that could reveal unpublished drafts

API Changes

  • Add localStartTime and localEndTime resolvers to posts, which return the time of a meetup in the time zone of the meetup location (null if no location specified)


  • Clean up sequences
  • Infrastructure for validating database contents against schemas
  • Optimize some slow mongodb queries
  • Migration infrastructure for dealing with denormalized fields
  • robots.txt now blocks crawlers from our test servers (no change on the main site)