LW Update 2019-03-12 -- Bugfixes, small features

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We've deployed an updated version of LessWrong, with a bunch of bug fixes and small features added since last time (March 1).

Features and Changes

  • Auto-linkify URLs in posts and comments
  • Coauthored posts appear on your user profile page
  • Drafts that are shared with you appear in the Drafts section of the user profile page
  • Negative-karma change notifications don't use red color
  • Posts on the All Posts page have a menu on the right

Bug Fixes

  • Address some compatibility issues with Opera Mini, Edge, and IE11
  • Remove broken New Users Notification and New Posts Notification settings
  • Table of Contents: Empty blocks can't be headings
  • Remove spurious All Posts View setting from user profile page
  • Fix a visual glitch during loading (SSR) of the all-posts page
  • Fix a bug where the RSS synchronization cron job would sometimes stop running
  • Don't redundantly show the AF icon on alignmentforum.org
  • Remove a duplicate Load More button on the user profile page
  • Fix a crash in the Sunshine Sidebar with reports of already-deleted comments
  • Various fixes to search indexing
  • Fix a security vulnerability that could reveal unpublished drafts

API Changes

  • Add localStartTime and localEndTime resolvers to posts, which return the time of a meetup in the time zone of the meetup location (null if no location specified)


  • Clean up sequences
  • Infrastructure for validating database contents against schemas
  • Optimize some slow mongodb queries
  • Migration infrastructure for dealing with denormalized fields
  • robots.txt now blocks crawlers from our test servers (no change on the main site)
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New Comment

The Slate Star Codex sidebar is now using localStartTime to display upcoming meetups, fixing a longstanding off-by-one bug affecting displayed dates.

Auto-linkify URLs in posts and comments

When people type the URL, the option is automatically presented, or when people post something containing a URL (without a link), one is automatically added?

The latter, but it applies immediately when you type it (rather than waiting until you click Submit), so it won't happen without you noticing.

I initially wondered because I'd seen a comment written after this post which had a URL, but no link. I've found the auto-linking works just fine for me though.

Possibly the comment was from greaterwrong, or maybe markdown editor? (I'm not sure how either of those currently handle links)

Neither of those will autolink. Autolinking is handled at the UI level, in the default (WYSIWYG/draftjs) editor only.

Not true. The markdown editor also autolinks, and it does so on the server-side, so greaterwrong should also be good (unless they send HTML directly, in which case it won't work).

We implemented the markdown editor autolinking a few weeks ago, since it was literally just adding a single option to our markdown parser.