TED Talks for Less Wrong

byCyan10y2nd May 200924 comments


Dan Ariely talks about pain and cheating. In a nutshell: people report less pain when (i) they experience the strongest pain first; (ii) they experience less pain for a longer interval rather than more pain for a shorter interval; (iii) they can take breaks. The data falsifies the common intuition that people will prefer short, high intensity pain. In general, people tend to cheat more when (i) they obtain things other than actual cash; (ii) they observe in-group members cheating successfully; they tend to cheat less when (i) they take away cash; (ii) they observe out-group members cheating successfully; (iii) they experience priming with moral concepts such as the Ten Commandments.

Post yours in comments. I've put a couple with the theme "how brains work" down there.