Is there any way to avoid Post Narcissism? [with Video link]

by diegocaleiro1 min read28th May 201322 comments


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I tried to stop posting for a semester... that didn't work. If I have an idea, I just feel like putting it out somewhere in the world, and sometimes, that is Lesswrong.

Which is totally fine and doesn't worry me at all.



There is another problem also related to time constraints and posting.

Here is the best TED Talker, Juan Enriquez, talking about Narcissus and other greeks at 4:30 of 6 minutes.

I'm a Post Narcissist. I don't know how frequent that is, and only one person at FHI told me they were an email Narcissus, but maybe there are others, and more importantly, maybe there is a solution. It may not be clear to you what post Narcissism is, if so, throw your arms up in the air, and scream "Victory!" because you just escaped a terrible thing...

Post Narcissism: An absolutely intense eagerness to read your own posts and comments after you wrote them, accompanied by a feeling of flow while doing so, even when you would do much better to just read someone else's post or do something else altogether. Sometimes, but now always, accompanied by a low anxiety that something may be wrong with your writing, and intermittent thoughts about whether it needs changes. Just to set an arbitrary definitional threshold, if you read it three times after posting, you definitely have it. 


Don't care about actual mirrors. Don't care about making enemies while self-actualizing, don't care wearing beautiful  or awful clothing or showing off whatever physical ability I may have to show off... Don't care about mentioning what makes me shy, or things I'm absolutely terrible at, but oh, the fuzzy feeling inside when reading a set of words that I know is open to public scrutiny. Gets my attention more than Orangutangs, South Park or family members, more than latest Google scholar new publications updates on Philosophy of Mind. More than the weather, an impending deadline or a self imposed rule.

I know that others must suffer from this condition as I do. And maybe there is a solution... If you don't know a solution, post suggestions, if you do know a solution that has worked, please post it.

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