LW 2.0 Site Update: 09/22/17

by habryka1 min read23rd Sep 20177 comments


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Another set of quick updates done today:

  • We had a bad bug where in about 50% of cases when a user created a post on the frontpage, it would neither show up on their userpage, nor on the frontpage, but only on the all-posts view. This is now fixed. Sorry for anyone who was confused by this!

  • Profiles should now accurately show both frontpage posts and personal blog posts

  • The karma/posts/comments icons now have tooltips that explain what they are

  • Imported all old blogposts for Zvi and Katja and set up automatic crossposting from their blogs

  • Added a new post link to a more accessible position (the user menu in the top right corner)

  • Fixed the sort order of comments on user's profile pages

  • This time actually fixed the LessWrong title in the top left corner and properly made it a link (i.e. you can now middle-click it and it should open the page in a new tab)

  • Fixed permission issues with a bunch of content in The Codex. The Codex should now be fully accessible

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Nice work. Thanks!

Feature request: An RSS feed with crossposted articles removed. (I would rather subscribe to people's blogs independently.)

We actually completed the backend for this yesterday. We will do some debugging today or tomorrow, and build the UI, but it should be up soon.

Wow, that's fantastic! Props.

Bug: Link posts like this one don't show the link anywhere when opened via a permalink, only when seen in a list of posts (like user's posts).

Yeah, just noticed this. Those actually should mirror the full content, but something must have gone wrong in the RSS import. Will check it out today.

I continue to be impressed by your hard work. ^_^ Thank you for keeping it up!