LW 2.0 Site Update: 09/22/17

by habryka 1 min read23rd Sep 20177 comments


Another set of quick updates done today:

  • We had a bad bug where in about 50% of cases when a user created a post on the frontpage, it would neither show up on their userpage, nor on the frontpage, but only on the all-posts view. This is now fixed. Sorry for anyone who was confused by this!

  • Profiles should now accurately show both frontpage posts and personal blog posts

  • The karma/posts/comments icons now have tooltips that explain what they are

  • Imported all old blogposts for Zvi and Katja and set up automatic crossposting from their blogs

  • Added a new post link to a more accessible position (the user menu in the top right corner)

  • Fixed the sort order of comments on user's profile pages

  • This time actually fixed the LessWrong title in the top left corner and properly made it a link (i.e. you can now middle-click it and it should open the page in a new tab)

  • Fixed permission issues with a bunch of content in The Codex. The Codex should now be fully accessible