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What funding sources exist for technical AI safety research?

by johnswentworth 1 min read1st Oct 20195 comments


What funding sources exist? Who are they aimed at - people within academia, independent researchers, early-career researchers, established researchers? What sort of research are they aimed at - MIRI-style deconfusion, ML-style approaches, more theoretical, less theoretical? What quirks do they have, what specific things do they target?

For purposes of this question, I am not interested in funding sources aimed at strategy/infrastructure/coordination/etc, only direct technical safety research.

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Some opportunities that I know about:

Will edit this if I come up with anything else, or if someone else points out something that I am missing.

Edit: New additions by Issa Rice:

  • Paul Christiano has done some independent funding in this space (and maybe Open AI is also open to that, but I don't know)
  • FLI has made grants, though I don't know about the current state of their grant program
  • EA Grants also has given some grants in this space