What funding sources exist? Who are they aimed at - people within academia, independent researchers, early-career researchers, established researchers? What sort of research are they aimed at - MIRI-style deconfusion, ML-style approaches, more theoretical, less theoretical? What quirks do they have, what specific things do they target?

For purposes of this question, I am not interested in funding sources aimed at strategy/infrastructure/coordination/etc, only direct technical safety research.

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Some opportunities that I know about:

Will edit this if I come up with anything else, or if someone else points out something that I am missing.

Edit: New additions by Issa Rice:

  • Paul Christiano has done some independent funding in this space (and maybe Open AI is also open to that, but I don't know)
  • FLI has made grants, though I don't know about the current state of their grant program
  • EA Grants also has given some grants in this space
Indeed, thanks! Added them to the list above
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Are you interested in AI safety jobs, i.e. to be hired by a company and work in their office?

That is not the main focus of the question, but you're welcome to leave an answer with suggestions in that space. It is "funding", in some sense.