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Has someone re-read the sequences? did you find value in doing so?

Further, I do think the comments on each of the essays are worthy of reading, something I did not do the first time. I can pinpoint a few comments from people in this community on the essays which were very insightful! I wonder if I lost something by not participating in it or by not having read all the comments when I was reading the sequences.

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It would be nice to have a "comment synthesis" that is written sufficiently long after the debate ended (not sooner than one month after publishing the original article?).

By the way, if you do this for many articles in the Sequences, perhaps you could also afterwards join those reactions into one big "community reaction to the Sequences", as a new article where people could read it all in one place.

5Viliam2moReading entire Sequences with all comments seems like an enormous waste of time; that's a ton of text. Your time would be better spent reading a few other books, I think. That's just my opinion, though; see other comments.
3Zack_M_Davis2moI'd love to see exercises for "Lonely Dissent" [https://www.lesswrong.com/s/M3TJ2fTCzoQq66NBJ/p/CEGnJBHmkcwPTysb7].

eigen's Shortform

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