The Singularity Institute's publications are badly and inconsistently formatted.

Our research associate Daniel Dewey has made us a nice-looking LaTeX template for them (example), but we need some help moving them from the original files into LaTeX. If you have a little experience with LaTeX and might be willing to help, please let me know!

luke [at]


Or, in general, please send an email to to be added to the volunteers email list.

Volunteer project requests go out only a few times a month, so we won't flood your inbox, and you never know: maybe a project sent to that list will be something you are in the mood to do and have the skills to do.


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Last year I formatted the TDT paper in LaTeX to teach myself LaTeX. (It's done, aside from a diagram that was missing from the original and possibly a citation or two that were underspecified.) Would this be useful to you, if I reformatted it for the new template?

Yes! You can even just send the tex file to me via email.

I can fix them up for you if you want. It'll give me an excuse to read them over again while I do it.

Great! Please email me at luke [at]


I suggest that you use this web app for the formatting. It is incomplete, but very intuitive to use and great for most purposes.

That example template is gorgeous!

Anything except Computer Modern :-)


and have the skills to do.

This is the really hard part.

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please send an email to

fine, done.

I had an experience with LaTeX as a source format - it's good if output format is PDF only, but it's pain if you want more, because LaTeX is not really semantic markup, it's only sometimes looks like it. So, in a result I moved my book to DocBook format and it works much better - I can easily produce any output format. I still use custom script for convert DocBook to LaTeX (for PDF generation) because I want to reuse what was prepared initially, but if I will start something new I will try to use DocBook tools without any custom things.

I'm familiar with LaTeX and willing to help. I'd love to discuss some of the papers in more detail, too.

Edit: email sent.

It's actually a rather nice template; is it available somewhere?

The wormhole-wing-trumpet logo thing is a bit aliased.

I've some experience with LaTeX, not much free time, but still able to help every now and then.

What is the source (ie old) format ? docbook ? odt ? HTML ? Or just the PDF ?

Please email me at luke [at] Thanks!

Did you literally mean send an email to or does that mean something else?

It's a Google Group, sending any email to that address will indeed subscribe you to the list.